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Taking Care Of Your Family

When it comes to dealing with domestic matters in a court of Stock-Smile-03law, nothing is more troubling than trying to decide the factor of legal custody of a parent. Under the law of Florida, this is called “parental responsibility.”

With this burden comes the decision-making power of determining the education, health care, religious upbringing, and any other factors that may affect the child’s life. This responsibility is given to the parents who have the legal responsibility of the child or children. Minor decisions, such as how a child may spend the hours of his day or what he eats, can be decided by the parent who has time sharing with the child without having to consult the other parent.

There is a legal process that parents must endure in order to determine who has parental responsibility. This process typically takes into account a number of factors that are weighed against each other in determining which parent should receive custody. They are weighed in such a way in order to be most favorable for the best interests of the child. In the majority of cases, parental responsibility is typically shared between both parents when it comes to the raising of their child or children. However, there may be cases where such shared responsibility may result in having detrimental effects on the child. In such cases, one parent will be deemed to have parental responsibility, while the other will have time sharing capabilities with the child whenever possible.

So what factors are taken into account in determining parental responsibility? There are a large number of factors, none of which outweigh more than the others. Some of the factors that the courts take into account are the moral fitness of each parent, their mental and physical health, the capacity of each parent to protect the child from the current ongoing litigation, to make informed decisions about the different aspects of the child’s life, to maintain a substance-free environment, meeting their developmental needs, willingness to mediate and come to a unanimous decision in regards to major issues that affect the child, any evidence of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, neglect or abandonment, or whether either parents has provided false information to the court in regards to the aforementioned evidence. The court takes the evidence of any of these factors very seriously in determining which parent should receive parental responsibility.

In those cases when the court decides that shared parental responsibility is best, then a burden is placed upon both parents to discuss and come to an agreement in regards to the major decisions that are going to affect the child’s life. This is in order to ensure that family cohesion is maintained. However, in such cases where an agreement cannot be reached; then the issue can be submitted to the court. In some cases, the court may decide to split the decision-making powers between both parents over the different aspects over their child’s life. This allows each parent to have a say-so about the child’s upbringing without having to constantly consult the other when it comes to arriving at the ultimate decision.

In those domestic cases where minor children are involved, the law of Florida has determined that a parenting plan should be created in every single case. This is a document that details every single aspect in regards to the upbringing of the child in order to ensure that his or her best interests are being met. This plan also includes the details of parental responsibility, whether it is shared and/or whether each parent has decision-making power over specific aspects.

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