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International Trade Regulation

International Trade Regulation laws in the United States are incredibly complex. Companies who fall foul of these laws can look forward to a number of sanctions. This can include heavy fines and the restriction of trade within the borders of the United States. Here at Cohen Legal Offices we wish to guide businesses, both large and small, around the myriad of international trade regulations currently in force throughout the United States.

Clients regularly get in touch with our law firm with regards to dealing with problems in cross-border transactions. Our team of experienced lawyers is more than capable of providing advice with regards to the following:

  • Import and Export laws: We are able to assist companies with regards to the legality of importing certain products from overseas. We will also be able to work with these companies closely to ensure that they are following the letter of the law when it comes to the importing of goods. This will help to prevent any sanctions that a company may face in the future. We are also able to assist companies when they are looking to expand their business by importing certain products overseas. We are again able to provide a wealth of experience in this regard, particularly when it comes to dealing with export controls or sanctions that may have been put in place.
  • Tax issues related to both the import and the export of goods.
  • We are able to assist companies who may currently be dealing with issues with regards to United States Customs.
  • Dealing with the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

istock_000035530436mediumWe will work closely with our clients to ensure that they are meeting all of the requirements laid down by international trade regulation law in both the United States and abroad. We are able to work with companies both large and small who are looking to take advantage of the international business world. This includes multinationals who are looking to start selling their products and services within the United States. The advice that we provide to our clients will ensure that they will be able to carry out business both overseas and in the United States for the minimal amount of cost.

Our experienced team of lawyers will be able to provide top-quality representation for you should your company be deemed to have fallen foul of any of the current international trade laws. Our law firm will be able to provide advice for companies currently dealing with interventions by government bodies. This includes helping a company navigate touch audits, investigations, and any civil proceedings that may be brought before the courts.

If you wish to discuss international trade regulation laws here in the United States then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Cohen Legal Offices. We have a team of experienced attorneys who are well-versed in the world of international trade regulation who would absolutely love to assist you with the expansion of your company overseas.

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