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Medical Malpractice Cases

It is believed that every single year close to 200,000 people die as aThis job isn't always easy result of medical negligence. A great deal more are left injured, sometimes seriously, as a result of a mistake made by a member of their medical team. In short; medical negligence is costly. Here at Cohen Legal Offices we believe that the members of the medical team responsible for this negligence should be held accountable.

Here at our law firm we regularly deal with medical malpractice cases. We are more than happy to deal with the following situations:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis which leads to death or serious injury.
  • Surgical errors.
  • The administration of incorrect treatment. This can include a failure on the part of the medical professional to check for incompatible drug interactions, the administration of treatment not suitable for a particular injury, or negligence in the administration of the correct treatment.
  • Birth injuries.
  • Mistakes on laboratory tests which lead to delayed treatment.

When you work with Cohen Legal Offices you can be sure that you will get the compensation that you deserve. We believe nobody should be left out of pocket due to the negligence of another party. This means that we will work tirelessly to ensure that you get your medical expenses paid for (both current and into the future), if any death occurs then we will ensure that the impacted family gets the correct compensation, as well as a whole host of other payments.

Our team of attorneys is more than experienced at medical malpractice cases. You can be sure that we will tackle those big insurance companies ‘head on’.

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