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Slip & Fall Claims

Every year millions of people in the United States end up in the emergency slip-and-fall-stepsroomas a result of a slip and fall injury. Whilst many of these injuries will heal pretty quickly there are a few which could be detrimental to the quality of life for people. A severe injury could result in disability, huge medical expenses, and even a loss of income. Here at Cohen Legal Offices in Miami, Florida we want to provide people with the help that they need to ensure that they get the compensation that they need from the company or person who was at fault.

Many of the slip & fall claims that we deal with here at Cohen Legal Offices are the result of the negligence of another person or company.

We do not see why people should pay when somebody else is at fault.

There are a number of things which could result in a slip and fall, some of the most common situations that our attorneys deal with include:

  • Slippery or wet floors which have not been signposted as such.
  • Uneven surfaces.
  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Poor lighting quality
  • Rugs and carpets which have been fitted poorly
  • Incorrectly installed electronics
  • Narrow stair treads or even uneven stair treads
  • Broken railings

If you wish to discuss the nature of your slip and fall claim then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our lawyers here at Cohen Legal Offices where we will be able to set you up with a free consultation.

During your free consultation we will be able to discuss the merits of your claim and provide you with advice with regards to how to best proceed with it.

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